One Weston Locality Partner

Locality Partnership

We have a One Weston Partnership forum which work towards delivering the health and social locality plans for Weston, Worle and Villages. The Integrated care boards (ICBs) act as an equal partner in the group, bringing resources relevant to the group. The One Weston Partnership forum lead the implementation of new models of care in the locality by bringing the right people from all key health and care organisations together who will agree a common list of priorities and work plans.

Plans for new care strategies are initiated by the group or provided by Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire or national mandates. The One Weston Partnership will deliver the vision and overarching objectives of Integrated Community Localities.

Doctor speaking to resident in a care home


Our vision

Our shared vision is working together in localities to enable people to stay healthy, well and independent in their communities.


Our values

Our shared value based healthcare, with proactive health planning and clinical decisions made between patients, carers and practitioners supporting patients to decide what interventions provide the most benefit for them.



What partners are involved in our Locality Partnership?

The One Weston membership includes senior representatives (with authority to make decisions) from the following sectors and organisations.


Changing Lanes

Staff from the Partnerships serving North Somerset are invited to participate in ‘Changing Lanes’, a networking programme for staff. Please follow this link for further information.

North Somerset Partnership Podcast

How are lived experience representatives included?

One Weston are committed to supporting individuals with lived experience to share their views and experiences with us, to ensure their opinions are heard and used to shape and influence every project and new service we implement. Lived experience representatives are at the heart of all our projects, their unique experience and knowledge provide valuable insight guaranteeing our services are person centre, appropriate and relevant for the target population.

How are we working together?

  • Successful Primary Care Networks, with recognition of population needs embodied in the delivery of general practice services and new clinical pathways, involving, and supported by the wider primary care family, community, acute, mental health, local council, and voluntary sector providers
  • Preventative approaches addressing the burden of need particularly around the elderly frail population, inclusive of and building on the Integrated Frailty service model, thereby reducing deconditioning, and encompassing active lifestyle promotion to support people of all ages staying active and healthy for longer
  • Improved resilience for providers, that can be shared and built upon across integrated provision
  • Opportunities for the wider application of Weston Locality integrated health and social care provision, in conjunction with neighbouring localities

What we aim to achieve by working together

  • Integrated Community Localities will be the default option for people’s care
  • We will expand the boundaries of “out of hospital care” so the hospital becomes “out of the community”
  • We will make a significant shift to a proactive model of care
  • We will deliver a reliable and consistently available 24/7 service that is coordinated and effective
  • All partners will be focussed on the needs of the population, sharing collective resources and with a common purpose
  • We will take an asset approach: valuing the capacity, skills, knowledge, connections and potential in individuals and communities, enabling responsible handover from health partners to community partners where best for the patient
  • We will reduce health inequalities and deconditioning of patients in the Weston locality


Health Care, and community organisations have come together to work at a local level to better understand what matters most to the population in Weston, Worle and Villages community.

Our goal is to put the individual at the centre of all we do, investing in people with lived experience who will be crucial to the design and implementation of local services.

Our aim is that people will not be defined by their medical diagnosis but instead, be empowered to achieve their goals to stay healthy and well. Our services will support and link into vibrant local groups, volunteer organisations, and grass-root networks working all collectively together to achieve our vison to reduce inequalities and improve outcomes for local people.